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"Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder Debunked

Chances are if you're unemployed & live w/ your mother -- you've witnessed a portly, self-hating white man named "Face Bloat" Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder having old man hissy fits on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & any number of other social media websites (imagine if he spent that much time fixing his failed marriage or actually being a father -- I guess self-professed social media icon is a better profession?) blathering endlessly about how poor people who had kids from multiple fathers, ingested a steady stream of chemicals into their bodies dropped out of school -- are getting the business end of a conspiracy operated by white billionaires.

I found out about Stan Seder, excuse me I mean Sam Seder when he became enveloped in an oddball fantasy about one of his own family members & Roman Polanski. This fantasy was ignored on Twitter for years (Stan was feeling like some sort of celebutard & let his oral diarrhea get the best of him because he's used to nothing but yes-women autistically nodding their heads up & down to every syllable that he expels from his pie hole) & the moment some people started asking, "hey fat boy, how come you were thinking of Roman Polanski assaulting one of your own family members"?

Stan Seder became enraged over this right-wing conspiracy, but this was years before he had an autistic fit over Phil Robertson allegedly having a rape fantasy (Stan didn't understand that Phil was simply pointing out the lack of a moral foundation for naturalism) & Stan Seder, I mean Sam Seder was on his high horse rightly-condemning this. Stan Seder opened a door into his fat face, that's all.

Stan Seder won't tell you anything that hasn't already been excreted by Rachel Mandow, I mean Rachel Maddow or some other troglodyte on MSNBC, he just has a lot of free time to repeat it more.

He failed as a comedienne (after getting a degree in Religion apparently, makes about as much sense as allegedly getting an economics degree & then using that degree to become a bartender), then he moved onto Err America -- where he failed there not long after getting his own little show.

Stan failed at marriage too (but he can run the entire U.S. economy, just ask him) & now he's been reduced to a blubbering-ninny on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook & just about any other social media platform -- begging for donations 24/7 because he's doing so well, you see. I guess it beats getting a real job. 

As an aside, I wonder when the last time Stan got his hands dirty cleaning the carburetor on his lawnmower (since he's a lunch-bucket guy, you see) or doing anything aside from flapping his gums in front of a $12 facade in his little "studio"? Does he stick his lawnmower in the biggest closet of his small apartment?

Anyways, I wonder why George Soros hasn't found out about the fat feller & sent him a big check so he can do his thing 24/7 until the day he expires?

Stan & the Ring of Fire "Radio" peanut gallery regularly-regurgitate apocalyptic warnings -- we said you had 10 years & this time we mean it. We have all heard this Malthusian B.S. before -- it wasn't convincing 60 years ago, 38 years ago, 31 years ago, 11 years ago or any other time they've belched this garbage out.

Stan Seder & his Progressive peanut gallery also screech & caterwaul about "white people, white people, white people, white privilege, white supremacy, white people suck" but I think it's white guilt.

Stan has regularly failed at just about everything & as I wrote just moments ago -- he's been reduced to a silly little sot on the interwebs 24/7, blubbering (projecting) about how bad everyone has it. Maybe some people have it bad because of poor personal choices.

I am against the war on drugs, but if you *choose* to use heroin, have a bunch of kids from numerous sperm-donors who can't even run a register (but they always get cigarettes when they need 'em), drop out of school & have no clue how to manage your finances -- don't be surprised if your life is a wreck. Most of America's problems start at home & there are a lot of folks having kids who have no business doing so because they are basically -- large children themselves. Tour Dayton, Ohio or Gary, Indiana if you don't believe me.

Stan hates successful white people (and probably successful blacks who don't vote straight-ticket Dumocrat) because he's full of petty jealousy & he's a raging lunatic. He let the election of Donald Trump destroy his already-sinking marriage. How daft is that?

Anyways, Sam Seder's seething rage at white people who have successful marriages, jobs & lives is seriously misplaced. He ought to take a gander at cities run by his own Democrat Party, cities that have been run right into the ground. Truth hurts, doesn't it?

Memo to Stan Seder, fix your own toilet old man before you clean someone else's. I also made a theme song for Stan & the schlubs at Ring of Fire "Radio." 

If I add anything to this in the future, it will be put below.


I saw the autistics at the Ring of Fire had some fun w/ Sarah Palin's marriage to Todd Palin going down the tubes -- but they didn't say anything about Sam Seder getting ditched by his ex-wife because he's mentally-ill or Ilhan Omar embarking on a voyage called "my third successful marriage." I wonder why?

I wonder if Sam Seder is enjoying Progressive policies that have led New York City into being the COVID-19 capital of the U.S.?

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10/13/20 -- Sam Seder (incidentally, his ex-wife increased social distancing between him & her from 6 feet to 6 miles), Old Fart Rants & his brown teeth, as well as the portly janitor from Chicago #mcstupidx want us all to wear a mask because it's what a responsible citizen would do.

Not only does that open them up to all sorts of pushbacks (because they are hardly a paragon of personal responsibility), but universal masking is hardly a fix-all proclamation. So much worse for the facts, eh?

Sam Seder & the Democrat Party get taken to task for their 180-degree epiphanies on illegal immigration. Stan Seder also gets taken to task for his abuse of the "hypocrite" card, which is a double-edged sword, one must be careful when handling it. 

Sam Seder & logic aren't on speaking terms.